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The quickest solution to host all of your Google Photos, absolutely free.

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Time to copy and embed your images!


crop #Resizeable Photos

Resizing with software can be an intensive, expensive, and time consuming process. Our solution lets you do this right out of the box.

http #Generate Embed Links

Love Google Photos but can't find an easy way to embed them on your website? Create embeddable Google Photo links in seconds!

flip #Drag and Drop Functionality

Your time is valuable! Our Drag'n'Drop feature cuts steps out of getting that pesky shareable link!

vpn_lock #Your Data

The only thing we keep track of is how many embed codes have been generated. Absolutely no photo or user data is to be collected or stored.

burst_mode #Generate Multiple Embeds, all at once

With our extendable form, you can generate multiple embed codes at once!


  • #Prerequisites

    1. Access to a Google Photos Account
    2. Some photos that you'd like to share
  • #Create a Shareable Album

    1. Login to Google Photos and from the home screen click on the Main Menu icon and click on Sharing.
    2. To make a new album, click Start a new share
    3. Enter the name of your album and click Add Photos
    4. Select the photos that you would like to create embed links for and click Done
  • #Drag'n'Drop!

    1. Open up your shared Google Photos album in one browser side by side with EmbedGooglePhotos.com in a separate one.
    2. Drag and drop a single thumbnail from the album view into the Image URL field of Embed Google Photos
    3. To convert up to five images at once, simply click the + button next to the form to add another entry.
    4. You can resize any image by first, unchecking the Use Original Size checkbox, and then entering the width and height of your photo in pixels.
  • #Generate & Copying

    1. Click on Generate Embeds and watch the magic happen!
    2. On the next page, you'll receive a list of your individual URLs. To use these, click the on the clipboard icon in order to copy the URL to your clipboard.


One day while trying to figure out a way to embed my Google Photos on a personal website, I came across a problem:

How can Google Photos be used to host photos?

After scouring forums for hours, I discovered that there was no easy solution to this problem! Eventually, I found a solution, but it wasn't easy to embed large quantities of photos at once. I wanted a solution where once you were acquainted with the process, a user would be able to simply drag and drop a thumbnail from an entire album view into the embed generator and presto!

After tinkering around for a few hours, I had created the exact solution to the problem that I was looking for, and I wanted to share my solution with fellow developers! Enjoy :)